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Our Mission

Turn drivers into cyclists by converting bikes into eBikes

There are


bicycles in the world.



People with eBikes cycle considerably more on average than the average regular bicycle owner. Electric assist unlocks extra range and provides a convenience to traveling that allows people to use their bicycle as a primary mode of transport.

Through converting bikes into eBikes we hope to contribute to a more sustainable transport ecosystem and be part of the bigger picture of combating climate change. Not only are we reducing people’s emissions as they travel, but we’re also reducing the emissions associated with manufacturing the original technology.

A regular bicycle requires emissions of over 200kg of CO2 during the manufacturing process, and larger, heavier electric bicycles are almost double that. A Swytch eBike kit takes just 50kg of CO2 to manufacture, meaning that the environmental impact is 8 times lower compared to most complete electric bicycles.


Just 1.5kg added bicycle weight
Plus 1.5kg grab-and-go power pack


High-torque frictionless motor
Climb 30% gradients easily

Easy to Fit

Patent-pending universal design
Anyone can fit it to any bike

4.77 average
100+ reviews on

Swytch Technology Ltd is a London startup dedicated to delivering exciting, new ebike technology that changes the way we get around. If you would like more information to help you with your review on the Swytch Kit, please download our press pack where you will find our technical guide, extra information and our pre-selected images of the kit should you need them.

Interested in reviewing the Swytch Kit or interviewing our CEO, Oliver Montague? Please get in touch via



Retail Price
Full RRP pricing for our products starts at £999 including VAT, and can be found on our web store and eBay store .

We periodically allow customers who have registered interest, to order with approx 50% discount on RRP with payment up front and an average of 3 months delivery time.

Pre-order windows are approx every month in line with our manufacturing batch production runs, for every additional pre-order received we add 1 unit to our latest manufacturing run, this way we are able to offer the distribution pricing to individuals by grouping multiple customer orders together and delivering on a made-to-order basis.

Pre-order pricing is subject to change between each pre-order sales launch based on FX rate changes, cost increases and shipping cost charges.

The final pricing is announced at launch time to all waitlist subscribers at the same time.
Ordering at full RRP
You can order at full RRP on our web store and our eBay store .We have an Amazon store that is coming soon.

Pre-ordering for 50% off RRP
You can register interest to pre-order on our site
We have two sizes of the power pack; ECO and PRO, both have the same size and weight, but the PRO has advanced cells inside with higher energy density, delivering 30% more range (50km v.s. 35km for ECO).

The power pack's dimensions are:

20cm x 14cm x 9cm
The Power Pack
It is 1.5kg for either the ECO or the PRO (the cells weigh the same in both, just the energy capacity is different with the more advanced PRO cells).

The Motor
The added weight is approx 1.5kg, which is the motor hub weight - the weight of rims and spokes should be approximately the same as your existing wheel.
ECO: 35km
PRO: 50km

This is based on medium pedal power + medium leg power.
If you pedal harder and put the power down or use only on hills, expect 50% more range.

If you don't pedal, expect 50% less range, if you don't pedal, and put the power up to maximum, expect 75% less range.
A common question we get asked is "do you do it in my wheel size X" [insert unusual wheel size].

The answer is for pre-order we can do ANY wheel size, customers tell us their wheel specifications in the order portal after ordering, and then we build to order the exact size they need.
For orders from stock, we typically only stock 26" and 28" wheel sizes as these cover 80% of bikes based on our experience and research.
Both the 250W Universal and 250W Brompton Kits have a speed limit of 15mph for UK customers, 25km/h for European customers, and 20mph for US customers.

We change the speed limit by editing the software installed in the Power Pack right after the manufacturing process is complete.

It is possible to change the top speed once you receive the kit, if you intend to use it for off-roading.