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Universal eBike Conversion Kit


Convert ANY bike into an eBike

  • Works with disc brakes
  • 25/32kph top speed
  • Up to 50km range
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eBike Conversion Kit Details

Convert your bike into an eBike with the smallest and lightest eBike conversion kit on the market. It’s easy to install and works with most bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, step-through bikes, trikes… and more.

High-Torque Brushless Motor

Our compact motor produces up to 40 Nm of torque. It is able to assist an average adult up a steep 30% incline with little difficulty. The motor, armed with our finely tuned controller algorithm, has zero drag – even when powered off.


Lithium-Ion Power Pack

The lithium-ion Power Pack neatly packs the controller and battery into a compact unit, available in two forms, the ECO and the PRO. The palm-sized Power Pack can be easily removed from the handlebar mount for storage and safety. Its sleek and compact design can reach up to 50 km in range and can be fast-charged in just 2 hours.

Drive Type

Front hub frictionless geared motor

Fork Dropout Width

100mm (fits standard bicycle forks)

Top Speed

32km/h (restricted to 25km/h in the UK, EU, and Australia with the ability to derestrict for off-road use)



Brake Compatibility

Rim and disc brake (screws included to mount rotor disc)

Gear Compatibility

All gear types, including derailleur and hub gears

Added Weight

1.5kg Power Pack and 1.5kg motor


Silver or black 36x12g spokes


Silver or black doubled walled from PowerRim

ECO & PRO Dimensions


PRO Power Pack

ECO Power Pack

Motor Specs

PRO Power Pack

ECO Power Pack

250W Brushless DC geared motor
(40Nm torque)

250W Brushless DC geared motor
(40Nm torque)

Battery Capacity

PRO Power Pack

ECO Power Pack

250Wh (36V 7Ah)

180Wh (36V 5Ah)


PRO Power Pack

ECO Power Pack

50km at 125W average power output

35km at 125W average power output

Top Speed

PRO Power Pack

ECO Power Pack

32km/h (derestricted)

28km/h (derestricted)

Max Current

PRO Power Pack

ECO Power Pack



Battery Cells

PRO Power Pack

ECO Power Pack

Lithium Ion 18650 3500MAh cells

Lithium Ion 18650 2500MAh cells

Battery Lifespan

PRO Power Pack

ECO Power Pack

1000 cycles before significant capacity reduction

800 cycles before significant capacity reduction


PRO Power Pack

ECO Power Pack

36V 6MOSFET sine wave 15A controller

36V 6MOSFET square wave 15A controller


PRO Power Pack

ECO Power Pack

2A 36V charger (included) - 4-hour charge time
3A 36V charger (optional) – 3-hour charge time

2A 36V charger (included) - 3-hour charge time
3A 36V charger (optional) – 2-hour charge time

Front Light

PRO Power Pack

ECO Power Pack

Integrated front light, 200 lumens


Custom-built motor wheel

Each wheel is custom built to fit your bike. You can specify your wheel size in our order customisation portal, once you have placed your order.


Matte-black finish

Our standard wheel comes with a silver motor, rims and spokes. If you wish to adjust the colour to match your bike, we also offer a matte black wheel upgrade for an extra charge. This is an option in our order portal.


  • Twist Throttle: Attaches to your handlebars and allows you to power the motor by simply twisting your wrist.
  • Thumb Throttle: Uses a spring-loaded thumb lever, which you press to supply power. Recommended for handlebar setups with limited space.

Brake sensors

Brake sensors work by cutting the power to the motor as you brake – even if you are still pedalling. These are handy for adventure cyclists, or if you often find yourself in slow-moving traffic. Compatible with both wired and hydraulic brakes.

Spare Power Pack

Want to take your eBike further? You can add another 50km by ordering a spare PRO Power Pack to take with you on your trip.


...And many more!

  • </br> Front Motor Wheel

    Front Motor Wheel

  • </br> Power Pack

    Power Pack

  • Quick Connect </br> Handlebar Bracket

    Quick Connect
    Handlebar Bracket

  • </br> Universal PAS kit

    Universal PAS kit

We provide you with everything you need to convert your bike into an eBike.

Our Swytch electric bike kit includes a custom made motor wheel, a Power Pack – containing the battery and controller, a quick connect handlebar bracket, a cadence-sensing Universal PAS kit, a charger and an instruction manual. And that’s all you need to convert your bike into an eBike!

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We ship to the UK, EU, AUS, CAN and the US. We can also ship to the rest of the world but significant additional charges for air-freight will apply.
We are now completely sold out of kits at 50% off. Sign up to our waitlist to be invited to pre-order during our next launch window, which will be going live shortly. If you wish to buy a kit at full RRP, for same-week delivery, please contact us here.
No, our system doesn’t offer regenerative braking. This is because when you are cycling, approximately 95% of your energy is lost to air resistance and rolling resistance, so by adding regenerative braking the increased range would be minimal.

We have instead developed a geared brushless motor that has zero drag, so you can use your bike as a regular bike with the power pack off. With regenerative braking, the motor would always be dragging against your pedalling, even with the power off.
No. Using our smooth and frictionless geared brushless motor you can still cycle as normal with the Power Pack removed.
The motor wheel weighs 1.5kg, and the Power Pack weighs 2kg.